Fiber: Fine New Zealand Wool
Color Options: We reference colors from the ARS 600 pom box, paint chips, fabrics and yarns.
Size Options: This product is available in widths up to 22’, seamless. Runners are available up to 60’ in length, seamless.
Shape Options: Round, square, fabrication for angles and around fire places.

This product can be drop shipped or air freighted to our New York warehouse. Extra large sizes ship by boat.

Handmade custom carpets should be cleaned with care so as not to damage or stress the carpet’s fibers. We suggest cleaning your rug with a delicate solution of warm soapy water, and blotting, never rubbing to remove any stains. We also suggest vacuuming your carpet every 1-2 weeks. To ensure the longevity of your handmade carpet, do not vacuum using a strong suction, a beater brush, or other aggressive vacuum attachments.

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Complete Rug Customization

L&M specializes in creating custom carpets that can be woven into any pattern, any size, any color, and in any shape.

Wide-Width & Seamless Rugs

L&M is unique in being able to weave seamless carpets up to 22’ in width.

Quick Production Times

Nearly all L&M’s carpets, custom included, have a quick 8-week production time.

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